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“At the Justice Academy, we will equip you with the skills to be the hero the galaxy needs”.

Maybe you’re worried that you’re not ‘special’ enough to become a superhero? Maybe your parents weren’t murdered in an alley? Perhaps you’ve never been bitten by a radioactive anything? Perhaps when you tried to build yourself power armour you found you couldn’t move in it, let alone fly?

Well, we say ‘phooey’ to that. It’s a big galaxy. Somewhere in it, whatever you can do, whatever you are, is special, and here at the Justice Academy, we will help you find that place. And you don’t have to be rocketed there as a baby, or even have your home planet explode.

Can he fight for Truth and the Justice Academy way
when he lied to get in?

Join Grey on his turbulent first year at the Justice Academy. as told in
The Ascension Machine, by Rob Edwards.
Releasing on 1st September 2020 from Shadow Dragon Press.