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Welcome to the brand new StorycastRob blog, in honour of the launch of my new novel, The Ascension Machine. The book is the first in the Justice Academy series, a YA scifi superhero adventure about a young grifter learning what it is to be a superhero.

The book is due for release on 1st September 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited.

Want to know more? Here’s the blurb!

For many, college is where they find out who they truly are. At the Justice Academy, a college for superheroes from species across the galaxy, the question of identity is even more important. For teenage grifter Grey, things are further complicated because his identity belongs to someone else. Grey lived a life drifting aimlessly between the space stations of the galaxy running petty scams to get by, self-sufficient and alone. But at the Academy he finds friends, and a place where perhaps he can belong, if only it wasn’t all based on a lie.

Grey’s life impersonating Mirabor Gravane is made more difficult, when Gravane’s mother sends her “”son”” on a mission to a world gripped by organised crime. Grey recruits fellow students for the mission, and it takes the biggest of lies to save the day: he must convince the local crime families that he is their equal and set a trap for them. Taking risks to protect his secret, events spiral out of Grey’s control. When the real Mirabor Gravane is kidnapped, Grey must confess all to his friends. They must come together to mount a rescue and defend a city from an attack by hostile super-powered aliens.

If he is to succeed, or even survive, Grey must decide who he is, and does he want to be a superhero?

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