About the author

Rob Edwards is a British born writer and podcaster, living in Finland.  His podcast, StorycastRob, features readings from his short stories and excerpts from longer work.  His work can also be found in the anthologies published by Inklings Press and Rivenstone Press.

His greatest geek pride is his entry on wookieepedia, the result of writing several Star Wars RPG scenarios back in the day.

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All of these stories are available from Amazon.


  • The Ascension Machine
  • StorycastRob: Mic Drop (short story collection)

Short stories – Inklings Press

  • Upgrade to Murder in Tales from the Universe
  • Stargazing on Oxford Street in Tales from Alternate Earths
  • Lair of the Thunderlord in Tales of Wonder
  • Lords of Negative Space in Tales from the Underground
  • Emperor of the North in Tales from Alternate Earths volume 2
  • Virtue’s Blade in Tales of Magic and Destiny
  • Boarding School in Tales from the Pirate’s Cove

Short stories – Elsewhere

  • Shepherd of Memory in The Quantum Soul
  • An Inescapable Fete in Gods of Clay
  • Rule: Three in Somebody, Save Me!

Live Readings

  • Many short stories and excerpts in the StorycastRob podcast
  • Episodes of the Word Count Podcast featuring –
    Writer’s Block (episode 100)
    Doctor Deathray and the Girl in the Orchard (episode 99)
    Professor Prodigious’s Discovery (episode 98)
    Work Trip (episode 89)
    Treeson (episode 86)
    Cold Pursuit (episode 72)
    A Lesson in Feldok (episode 61)
    Armchair Armageddon (episode 59)
    Time Rigger’s Lament (episode 58)
    Legend of Redhook’s Gold (episode 57)
  • Some readings also available on YouTube
  • A new reading of Lords of Negative Space on Short is the New Long