Campus Life

Even the most dedicated hero deserves some ‘me’ time, and when you’re not hitting bad guys or the books, we’ve got you covered. The campus boats an extensive range of recreational facilities.

Hall of Justice

The main tower of the Justice Academy is affectionately known as the Hall of Justice. As well as our state-of-the-art lecture theatres, laboratories and practice arenas, the Hall also boasts a number of recreational facilities available to our students. These include:

  • Dining Halls – a selection of canteens, cafes and restaurants to cater to any dietary requirements.
  • Gymnasiums – Be sure to stay in tip-top crime-fighting condition!
  • Student Bar – At the Gamma Bomb we serve a wide range of legal intoxicants for when it’s time to get your unwind on. Regular live music from the best student bands ensures a lively atmosphere.
  • Virtual Arcade – Not just a vital teaching aid for simulating hazardous situations, but also a whole lot of fun!

The Dome

Home to the unique sport of superheroes, Power Ball! Assemble a team of students to challenge for the Power Ball championship. This year featuring 3,208 new puzzles to solve and two unique new Power Play modes. It will take the best to triumph, is that you? League matches every weekend!

Sports Fields

If you’re hankering for some more traditional sporting fixtures, we have fields for dozens of sporting events so if you’re a fan of human football, Welatak hoopball, Germile Chabrik or something really weird like cricket, game on!

The Beach… of Justice!

The campus is situated next to one of the most glorious tropical beaches you are ever likely to encounter. If you want to swim or surf in the open sea, our bio filter field will ensure you can do so safely. The beach itself makes an ideal sun trap to catch those rays, and has been home to some truly epic parties!

The Jungle… of Justice!

The campus is surrounded on three sides by a vast unspoiled jungle, perfect for our student heroes who like to get back to nature. Take a stroll through this natural habitat, find hidden beauty in places never seen before by sentients. Or take part in the gruelling annual survival games! This place has it all.