Galactic Gazetteer

It’s a big galaxy and we know that not all of our students come from cosmopolitan melting-pot worlds. When you come to the Justice Academy you’ll meet sentients from dozens of species from hundreds of worlds, so here are a few to get you started.


Pilvi, a Human

Relative newcomers to the galactic stage, humans are nevertheless amongst the most ubiquitous species in the galaxy. They look a bit like Polifan without wings, humans are the galaxy’s jack-of-all-trades, not the galaxy’s smartest, strongest or toughest, they are moderately capable across the board.

  • Home World: Earth
  • Lifespan: Typically 105 standard years
  • Notable for: Getting everywhere
  • Superheroes: Extremely adaptable, Humans can be Powers, Tech or Skills heroes.


Nellis, a Polifan

One of the oldest and proudest sentient species in the galaxy their powerful wings can keep them aloft for hours. Tending to be light-framed and gangly, the Polifan are noted for their ‘wing scent’ which changes depending on their mood. This feature makes it difficult for Polifan to hide their emotions and they make for reliable partners.

  • Home World: Artamantis
  • Lifespan: Typically 120 standard years
  • Notable for: Flight, wing scent
  • Superheroes: Mainly Skills. Polifan typically only manifest minor class Powers. Few Polifan use Tech as the extra weight can interfere with their flight ability.


Zafrema, a Cholbren

Cholbren are covered in a fine fur, typically in gold or brown, except across their shoulders where they wear their fur long and shaggy. Cholbren reaction to local laws tends towards extremes: there are as many notorious Cholbren criminals as their are celebrated Cholbren lawmen. A secretive race by nature, it is not even known which world the Cholbren originated from.

  • Home World: Unknown
  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Notable for: Keeping secrets, distinctive shoulder fur
  • Superheroes: Most Cholbren heroes have Powers, though their fierce independence can lead them to Skills.


Gadget Dude, a Zalex

Shorter and stockier than most galactic species, their open faces and staccato speech patterns should not be mistaken for a lack of intelligence. Zalex have a flair for building and making things, often working by instinct rather than design. Zalex are loyal and friendly, but fierce when the time calls for it.

  • Home World: Zal
  • Lifespan: Typically 80 standard years
  • Notable for: Exquisite crafting
  • Superheroes: Few Zalex develop Powers, though their building ability nears that level. Zalex heroes tend to be Skill or Tech.


The largest of the common galactic sentients, Germile walk on all fours though they can balance on their hind legs. They have large heads and long hair which covers not only their heads but their torso too. Strong and fierce, most Germile are slow to act or react. The Germile economy is strong, and the wealth distributed, meaning Germile tend to be wealthy.

  • Home World: Germile
  • Lifespan: Around 200 standard years
  • Notable for: Wealth, size
  • Superheroes: Germile are usually Power heroes.

Brontom Clones

Seventhirtyfour, a Brontom

There is no public record of when the clone vats of Brontom Prime first began to create the Brontom Warrior Clones. It’s possible that the species that first made the vats are in fact extinct. Tall, physically powerful and four armed, the Brontom are likely one of the most fearsome opponents to face on the battlefield. Though all Brontom are physically identical, their personalities are as varied as any other species.

  • Home World: Brontom Prime
  • Lifespan: Unknown. Brontom attain full maturity by age five. Few Brontom die from old age.
  • Notable for: A long history of military successes.
  • Superheroes: The cloning process does occasionally create Brontom with powers, but most Brontom heroes are Skills.


Aquatic mammals most at home in the seas of the galaxy, they have developed saline suits which let them leave the oceans without their skin drying out. They have smooth grey skin and eyes designed to work best underwater. Some Welatak wear goggles on land to compensate. Welatak are air breathers, and can regulate their internal oxygen supply with remarkable finesse.

  • Home World: K’kor’t’kor
  • Lifespan: Around 75 standard years
  • Notable for: Strong family units
  • Superheroes: Welatak adapt well and you will find Welatak amongst the Powers, Tech and Skills students.