Study, your way

Every hero is different, so every student has the opportunity to design the syllabus that works for them. Experienced counsellors are available during registration to help you tailor your course selection to your needs. All courses at the start of term operate a “taster” system so you can get a feel for their content before committing.

Whether you are a hero because of powers, technology or raw skill, we have the courses that will help you be the best hero you can be. The list is long, but here are just a few options, described by the students who take them!

Building Infiltration

Why do people still build air vents big enough to crawl through? I’ve no idea, but thankfully they do. If you need to get in or out of places that other people would rather you didn’t, you need to get a bit creative, and this course claims to teach how. Wait, is that a camera?

Evidence Analysis

A lot of heroes focus on what I call the zapping and zooming side of the hero game. But to be truly effective as a hero, you need the science on your side too. What does that weird energy residue signify? What can we tell about the villain from the tech fragments that came off when we punched them? That’s real heroing. That’s science. That’s analysis.

Gadgets for Gadgeteers

Make things. Make other things. Take things apart, see what works. Your microphone is example. Can use hover motor. Also sound recording unit useful for xkzzjzzzzzzz

Grapnel Gun Maintenance

Look, would you mind not following me around and taking my picture all the time? Grapnel Gun Maintenance? Sure. It’s taught by Tom, the Avenging Spider. For those of us who can’t fly, jump or, I don’t know, teleport, the grapnel gun is a good way to get around. You don’t want it failing mid swing, so it pays to know how to take care of it.


When you’re an action superhero like I am, hitting the books is not enough. You also need practical real world experience in how to do the real superhero work: saving people. In Rescueology we consider a wide range of scenarios like kidnappings or natural disasters and learn how to get innocent bystanders safely out of danger.

Superhero Ethics

Is great responsibility itself a great power? We consider the big questions here about what it really means to be a superhero in the modern galaxy. It’s part of the Justice Academy’s proud tradition that none of our graduates have ever gone on to be super villains. You’re sure I have to say that bit? Well, okay.

Superhero self defence