It’s a Cover Up!

Inklings Press have released the cover image for the next anthology, Tales from Alternate Earths, and it’s rather smashing I think.


This one gets released in Kindle format in June, and features eight new Alt History short stories, including my story “Stargazing on Oxford Street”.  More on this, as the press winds up to launch day I’m sure!

For more information about Inklings Press, visit their website or follow @InklingsPress on Twitter.


And so it begins…

Hullo!  And welcome to the blog.

I was supposed to be making edits to my current novel work in progress today, but instead, I thought ‘Hey!  I should totally have a blog.’  And now I do.  Isn’t the internet amazing?

Try and go about your business as usual today, even though there is now another blog in the world.