The Man from Atlantis!

Out now! The podcast for chapter 3 of Writ in Blood and Silver is available to listen to now.

In this chapter, called MiR (Men in Red) we find Matt coming to terms with what he learned from Wessex and Brodan in chapter 2. How will he deal with the truth about what’s going on under London?

Last month, I introduced you to one of my main characters, Arthur Wessex, this month, we have a look at his partner out-of-time, the man from “Atlantis”, Brodan. Also, sidebar, how do you like my first attempt at digital painting? It turned out quite well I thought.

Meet Brodan. He died 3,000 years ago (give or take), defeating the demon Volnark the last time it troubled the world (we actually see this in the prologue of Writ, though I don’t namecheck Brodan in it). He has been brought back to fight the fight again by Wessex. As we encounter him in the novel, Brodan has been working with Wessex for a couple of years already, and has largely adapted to the modern world (or at least come to terms with what he needs to deal with on a day-to-day basis). Which is not to say he necessarily approves of everything the 20th Century offers.

He is described by Matt as looking like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and a computer science professor (hence being referred to briefly as “Prof Arnie”).  Wessex’s prophecies describe Brodan as the “Sword” and as “A man cut from the bones of the earth. Heart of Stone. Strength of Iron.”

Of our three main heroes, Brodan is the most physically capable, trained in hand-to-hand combat and battle magic. His magic is linked to a sword, which he can summon and banish at will.

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