Review: FountainCorp Security by Watson Davis

If you’re looking for an action-packed military sci-fi romp you’re in the right place. In FountainCorp Security by Watson Davis, we have plenty of spaceships, blasters, espionage and zombies (not necessarily in that order).

Dorothea is adjusting to life in a new life with a new unit, but on their first mission out things go sideways, and she must rescue her team and a young girl from a zombie infested space station. This leads to new relationships, and confronting a part of her past she would rather forget, all the while tangling with corporations, terrorists and the Families.

Davis has created an interesting universe, with enough detail to the setting to intrigue, without clobbering you with a world building hammer, and his prose style is approachable and enjoyable.

It’s not perfect, I’ve knocked a point off for a few minor quibbles: we’re introduced to too large a cast too quickly, and until the book settles down a bit, it’s hard to tell who we’re supposed to care about. At no point does any character say “wait, these are actual bona fide zombies?” and I’m not sure if that’s because zombies are common in this setting, but if they’re not, it seems strange that nobody brings it up. The book is at its weakest when Dorothea is caught up in a dysfunctional relationship, which makes it hard to like our main character, even though much of the book does an effective job of making her likable. I also find the switching back and forth between first person and third person sections a distraction.

But for all these quibbles, this is a fun read, tense and exciting where it needs to be, in a world with a believable layer of grime and decay over everything.  Thumbs up from me, four stars.

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The East Cave

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The East Cave

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