Review: Too Wyrd by Sarah Buhrman

In Too Wyrd by Sarah Buhrman we get a fascinating vision of magic in a modern setting, with a dash of Norse mythology and a solid helping of approaching Ragnarok.
Nicola is a single mother and pagan, looking for a quiet life. But when she hears that her ex is running a cult and her half-sister has joined it, Nicola is reluctantly pulled into a role she doesn’t want: hero. Can she untangle her sister and prevent Ragnarok?

For the most part, the way magic works in Nicola’s world is wonderful. That Nicola must access memories and harness the associated emotions to use her abilities is fascinating. It gives real insight into who Nicola is and what drives her. The weaving of different mythologies, particularly Norse, into the narrative gives proceedings a nice weight. And it’s all underpinned with a contrast to the urban setting of Indianapolis. I thoroughly enjoyed all of these elements.

But there were things which didn’t work for me, enough that despite the things I genuinely loved in the book, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Nicola is well realised, though with a tendency to retreat to glib and detached, but I found the supporting cast all quite one-note. Generally, I think the book could have benefitted from another edit pass to tighten it up. There aren’t many typos, but fixing a few pacing problems and dialogues scenes buried in unnecessary staging notes could really make this book sing.

I’m giving Too Wyrd four stars. It is a creative urban fantasy with lots of really clever ideas and a good deal of heart, if you’re not being over-analytical, it would be entirely possible to kept swept up in it. But when I review, I analyse, and in my case, I can’t give it top marks.

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