Swings and Roundabouts

The new episode of my podcast is out now! To celebrate, here’s a reveal of the cover for Writ in Blood and Silver the book, which I’m hoping will hit Amazon in the first quarter next year. Although, as I say in the podcast, the more I work around book publishing, the more I realise that Delays Happen.

Thanks to Ricardo for the cover (follow him on Twitter @Winged_Leo ).

You can hear Chapter 8 of Writ in Blood and Silver, Swings and Roundabouts, right here!

However… in related news…

So, if you have to be a victim, be one of your own success, I say.
I tried out a Facebook advert promotion thing for the last episode of the podcast, and while I only got a handful of engagements (according to the metrics) it seems those who did try out the podcast must have worked their way through the entire back catalogue. Thanks for listening if you were one of those who tried out the podcast for the first time because of the advert.
The only downside is that… well… I’m already approaching the bandwidth limit for my website for September. I’m not sure what happens if I hit it… I’d guess people trying to access it won’t be able to? So, hopefully you can listen to the podcast. Apologies if you encounter a problem, it should all reset again in October.  If this starts to be an ongoing problem, I might have to see about upgrading my hosting, or downgrading the quality of the audio files to make them smaller (which I don’t really want to do, but might be more practical).
Anyway. Thanks for listening, everybody, it makes me really proud to know that people stick around when they find us.  Tell your friends! Except… maybe wait until October?