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Relating to living in Finland!

New Book! New Podcast! New!

There’s new things out today!

First up, the latest anthology from Inklings Press is now available! The follow-up to our hit anthology Tales from Alternate Earths is here! Tales from Alternate Earths 2 is  available in Kindle format today, with the paperback due by the end of next week. In it, you will find ten stories of alternate history, secret history and other re-imaginings of our world. This includes my story The Emperor of the North, featuring a Finland gripped in an ice age.

Get it from Amazon now:

Also out today is the latest episode of my podcast. In this episode I read a creepy story from Jeff Provine, originally featured in the previous Inklings book Tales from the Underground. Listen to the episode here.

The Deadline

Bit of a departure today.

As I think I’ve mentioned I currently live in Finland, and I am struggling to learn the Finnish language (an experience that has inspired other stuff on the blog, like A Lesson in Feldok).  I’m slowly beginning to make progress, so I thought I’d celebrate in the only way I know how, with a story!

Presented here then, in (bad) Finnish, is my story The Deadline.  It posits Mikael Agricloa and Elias Lonnrot working against the clock to complete the Finnish dictionary.  (Yes, I know, in reality these two ‘fathers of the Finnish language’ lived centuries apart).

Normal service will resume shortly, with a new episode of the podcast coming later this week!

Viimeinen palautuspäivä

Agricola: Meillä ei ole aika!

Lönnrot: Mitä jos…

Agricola: Voi ei.

Lönnrot: Ei, odottaa.  Meillä ei ole aika, se on totta.  Sinun täyttyy lopettaa sanakirjaan   huomenna, eikö?

Agricola: Tiedät että teen.

Lönnrot: Mitä jos jätämme pois paljon sanoja?

Agricola: Mitä sanoja?  Verbit? Kuinka voisimme tehdä asioita?

Lönnrot: Ei, ei, ei.  Pidämme verbejä, tietysti.  Vaikka minulla on idea siitä verbejä myös tulevaisuudessa.

Agricola: Meillä ei ole aika murehtia tulevaisuutta.

Lönnrot: Tarkalleen!

Agricola: Mitä?

Lönnrot: Mitä?

Agricola: Ei verbit sitten.  Substantiiveja?

Lönnrot: Substantiiveja jäädä.

Agricola: Emme voi menettää adjektiiveja. Pidän adjektiiveja. Ne ovat hauskoja ja älykkäitä ja värikäs.

Lönnrot: Ne ovat, ne ovat.  Ei.  Jätämme prepositiot.

Agricola: Prepositiot?  Mutta… miten sanoa, jos olemme sisään jotain?

Lönnrot: Substantiivi loppua.

Agricola: Substantiivi… loppua?

Lönnrot: Kyllä.  Lisaa -ssa sanoa olemme sisään jotain.

Agricola: Pidän -lla.

Lönnrot: Voimme käyttää sitä myös. Joskus. Ehkä.

Agricola: Ei että hämmentää ihmisiä tulevaisuudessa?

Lönnrot: Fiksu mies sanoi ”Meillä ei ole aika murehtia tulevaisuutta.”

Agricola: Totta.  Totta.

Lönnrot: Niin.  Prepositiot?

Agricola: Mene pois!

Lönnrot: Mahtava! Tehdään tämä asia!

A personal update

So it has been three months since I moved to Finland and unlike the England football team and the … well… apparently all of the UK, there is no sign of me leaving Europe.  Still here and pretty pleased about it.  But I digress.


At the end of last week, I handed my notice in at work.  I’m not going back to Imperial at the end of my career break… and indeed, the career break just changed its nature.  I will be staying here in Finland for the foreseeable future, and that is both exciting and scary. I have no job to go to, so will be supplementing my savings with being what Clare at (ex-)work calls “Dole Scum”.  Still, I’ve booked myself a language course starting in September, so I’m bound to be back in a classroom training people in no time.  Erm…

I’ve hit a bit of a lull in my writing, the first draft of my novel is out with alpha readers at the moment, and I’m waiting on their feedback *cough cough* before I proceed with the next draft of that.  In the meantime, I am working on a short story which I might pitch to R B Wood’s Word Count Podcast, and I have the concept of a sci-fi swashbuckling novella rattling around in my brain that may need to find a page soon.  Oh and I’ve had my first rejection letter… makes me feel like a proper writer and everything.  It was actually rather complimentary and encouraging, which was nice.

My parents came to visit for a week, and it was really good to see them.  We visited some lakes, went for lunch back at the wedding venue, introduced them to Marvel Legendary, it was a pleasant week all round.  They tell us our sofa bed is quite comfortable too.

The Finnish version of my D&D campaign Westhaven is already looking towards its fifth session, they’ve all really taken to D&D, though they can be a bit rowdy at times, it’s exhausting!  Having gotten it into their heads that only the first person to loot the bodies would get the treasure, I was treated to five Finns and a French shouting “Loot! Loot! Loot! Loot! Loot!” at me.  Reminded me of the seagulls in Finding Nemo. 

As for domestic life, it remains idyllic.  Mari and I have found our routines now, more or less, and we’ve settled into a comfortable togetherness.  We’re both looking forward to her holiday coming up at the end of next week, she’s off for three weeks in a row, so I’m sure there will be plenty of time to drive each other crazy, lol.   We will be coming to the UK for some of that, conducting a lightning tour of London and Leeds, will be trying to get a bit of a break, visit with people, and eat Nando’s.

And at the end of the month it will be our first wedding anniversary.  What a brilliant year.