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New Book! New Podcast! New!

There’s new things out today!

First up, the latest anthology from Inklings Press is now available! The follow-up to our hit anthology Tales from Alternate Earths is here! Tales from Alternate Earths 2 is  available in Kindle format today, with the paperback due by the end of next week. In it, you will find ten stories of alternate history, secret history and other re-imaginings of our world. This includes my story The Emperor of the North, featuring a Finland gripped in an ice age.

Get it from Amazon now:

Also out today is the latest episode of my podcast. In this episode I read a creepy story from Jeff Provine, originally featured in the previous Inklings book Tales from the Underground. Listen to the episode here.

A Quantum of Memory

Book launch day! Sometimes, apparently, book launches are like buses. Still recovering from the excitement around the launch of Inklings Press’s Tales from the Underground, but no rest for the wicked, as today sees the launch of the Sci-fi Roundtable’s debut anthology The Quantum Soul. Available in Kindle format right now, with paperback coming later this month.

The theme of the anthology is “What is life?” and for my story, Shepherd of Memory, I wanted to write something that really felt like good solid science fiction. The story follows a team of scientific explorers on the planet Phi Lima Upsilon, where they encounter a life form unlike any they expected. Or perhaps Dr Jim Wilson is imagining it all?

You can catch an excerpt from Shepherd of Memory in this month’s podcast, as well as the latest chapter of my novel.

The Lords of Negative Space

The latest anthology from Inklings Press is Tales from the Underground, available from 6th October 2017. You can pick it up from Amazon from Friday.

If the name sounds familiar, and you’re a long time listener to the podcast, you are right, it has been on StorycastRob the podcast for some time. To listen to the story, check out Episode 5, right now. The version in the anthology is a little different from the podcast version, but it is essentially the same story.

Lords of Trivia Space

  • This story started life as a writing challenge I set myself. If you’ve heard or read a lot of my stories, you may have noticed that I have a lot of dialogue, letting reported speech do a lot of heavy lifting in my story. I set out to pare back the dialogue on this one, and we are several pages in before you see any quote marks. That said, the narrator’s voice became a lot more conversational as a result.
  • It pulls from all over my personal history. For example, like Sarah, I worked as a medical records clerk for a while a few years ago, the struggle is real. The corridor I describe in the story exists, or at least it’s based on a corridor in Western Eye Hospital in London.



The general awesomeness of October


Glad we made it, September was awesome, we had so much traffic on my podcast that I hit my monthly bandwidth limit in the last few days. I hope that didn’t stop anyone listening to something they wanted to from my back catalogue. But now’s the time, the limit is reset, go listen to as much as you like!

October is going to be EVEN MORE AWESOME! Not only will I be recording the next chapter of the podcast later this week, but you will be able to buy not one, but two books with my stories in them in October.

October 6th sees the launch of Tales from the Underground, the sixth anthology from Inklings Press. In it, you will find my story The Lords of Negative Space. Pre-order now at Amazon:

Then on October 19th, the Sci-fi Roundtable launches its first anthology, The Quantum Soul. In there you will find my story The Shepherd of Memory. Pre-order this on Amazon:

So if you want to catch my stories, you’re spoiled for choice this month!

Swings and Roundabouts

The new episode of my podcast is out now! To celebrate, here’s a reveal of the cover for Writ in Blood and Silver the book, which I’m hoping will hit Amazon in the first quarter next year. Although, as I say in the podcast, the more I work around book publishing, the more I realise that Delays Happen.

Thanks to Ricardo for the cover (follow him on Twitter @Winged_Leo ).

You can hear Chapter 8 of Writ in Blood and Silver, Swings and Roundabouts, right here!

However… in related news…

So, if you have to be a victim, be one of your own success, I say.
I tried out a Facebook advert promotion thing for the last episode of the podcast, and while I only got a handful of engagements (according to the metrics) it seems those who did try out the podcast must have worked their way through the entire back catalogue. Thanks for listening if you were one of those who tried out the podcast for the first time because of the advert.
The only downside is that… well… I’m already approaching the bandwidth limit for my website for September. I’m not sure what happens if I hit it… I’d guess people trying to access it won’t be able to? So, hopefully you can listen to the podcast. Apologies if you encounter a problem, it should all reset again in October.  If this starts to be an ongoing problem, I might have to see about upgrading my hosting, or downgrading the quality of the audio files to make them smaller (which I don’t really want to do, but might be more practical).
Anyway. Thanks for listening, everybody, it makes me really proud to know that people stick around when they find us.  Tell your friends! Except… maybe wait until October?

The East Cave

Time for a new story, don’t you think? And today, I’m turning my hand to a little bit of political comedy with orcs.  In a world that in no way resembles ours, the new leader of the orcish administration is having a few problems settling in…

The East Cave

Balkus paused at the door and hastily rubbed the toes of his boots against the backs of his trousers. He was in enough trouble, without looking for more. He looked down at his feet, trying to decide if it had helped. Orc boots did not naturally take a shine. Continue reading The East Cave

The Man from Atlantis!

Out now! The podcast for chapter 3 of Writ in Blood and Silver is available to listen to now.

In this chapter, called MiR (Men in Red) we find Matt coming to terms with what he learned from Wessex and Brodan in chapter 2. How will he deal with the truth about what’s going on under London?

Last month, I introduced you to one of my main characters, Arthur Wessex, this month, we have a look at his partner out-of-time, the man from “Atlantis”, Brodan. Also, sidebar, how do you like my first attempt at digital painting? It turned out quite well I thought.

Meet Brodan. He died 3,000 years ago (give or take), defeating the demon Volnark the last time it troubled the world (we actually see this in the prologue of Writ, though I don’t namecheck Brodan in it). He has been brought back to fight the fight again by Wessex. As we encounter him in the novel, Brodan has been working with Wessex for a couple of years already, and has largely adapted to the modern world (or at least come to terms with what he needs to deal with on a day-to-day basis). Which is not to say he necessarily approves of everything the 20th Century offers.

He is described by Matt as looking like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and a computer science professor (hence being referred to briefly as “Prof Arnie”).  Wessex’s prophecies describe Brodan as the “Sword” and as “A man cut from the bones of the earth. Heart of Stone. Strength of Iron.”

Of our three main heroes, Brodan is the most physically capable, trained in hand-to-hand combat and battle magic. His magic is linked to a sword, which he can summon and banish at will.

To see a full list of all Writ in Blood in Silver episodes and articles, click here!