Writ in Blood and Silver

Want to get caught up on my urban fantasy novel Writ in Blood and Silver?  You’re in the right place!  Here are links to each chapter’s relevant podcast, and below, a list of associated blog posts.


Chapter One: “Sorry I’m Late!”

Chapter Two: Passenger Action

Chapter Three: MiR

Chapter Four: Demon Drink

Chapter Five: A River in Egypt

Chapter Six: Wisdom of the Camel

Chapter Seven: “I know Kung Fu.”

Chapter Eight: Swings and Roundabouts

Chapter Nine: When the pupil is ready

Chapter Ten: Going South

Chapter Eleven: Sword and Sorcery (will not appear in the novel)

Chapter Eleven again: Writ in Tears and Steel

Chapter Twelve: Council of War


Meet Arthur Wessex in this companion article to chapter 2.

Meet Brodan in this companion article to chapter 3.